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What is KMS and who can participate? 

The Congress of Young Sociology is a scientific conference giving space to young people interested in social sciences. The target audience of the event is undergraduate and graduate students, as well as those in doctoral training.  


When and where will the KMS be held? 

The Congress of Young Sociology will be held on April 12-14, 2024. The sessions of the Congress will take place within the walls of the Institute of Sociology at Jagiellonian University, at 52 Grodzka Street in Krakow. 


In what mode is the KMS held? 

The 13th Congress of Young Sociology is held on a fully stationary basis. 


Who are the members of the Scientific Council of the 13th KMS? 

You can read about the composition of the Scientific Council and its role during this year's Congress of Young Sociology in the tab Scientific Council:  

When can I submit my abstract to the KMS? 

Papers can be submitted from 20.01.2024 to 18.02.2024. 


Can one person submit more than one abstract? 

Yes. In this case, please submit each abstract in a separate submission form. 


How long should my paper be? 

In order to give everyone a chance to speak, we anticipate that one speech should last 15 minutes. 


How many people can submit a paper together? 

Papers can be delivered individually, in pairs or in larger groups. We do not impose limits on the size of such groups, but due to the time constraints of the session they should not be very large. When filling out the submission form, please list all authors after the decimal point. 


Can I submit a paper that I have already given before as part of another conference? 

No, as part of the 13th KMS, we only accept papers that have not yet been presented. However, we are not in a position to verify whether a paper has been presented before, so we rely on trust that those sending in their submissions respect the rules and practices of practicing science.

Do I have to pay an entry fee when submitting an abstract? 

No, we do not charge a registration fee to those who have filled out the application form. There is a fee for participation in KMS, but the fee applies to those whose paper has qualified for the conference. 


Is there a fee for participation in the KMS? 

Participation is paid by those presenting papers. The amount of the conference fee is PLN 110.


When and how should the conference fee be paid?

The conference fee should be paid when the paper is qualified for the conference. Once the abstract is accepted, we will send all the necessary information, such as the bank account number and the deadline for accepting payments. The fee will be paid by wire transfer only. 


What is guaranteed to the speaker in exchange for payment of the conference fee? 

In return, the speaker will receive a gift set, conference materials, priority registration for additional events (such as workshops), a coupon for lunch on the day of the paper presentation, a free drink during the integration, and discounts to selected hotels and hostels. 


We will deliver the paper in a pair or larger group. Does each of us have to pay the conference fee?  

If you are presenting a paper in a pair or larger group, the conference fee does not change and is 110 PLN per paper.


My paper has been qualified, I have also paid the necessary fee, but I would like to cancel my participation in the conference. How can I do this? 

In such and similar cases, please send a message to our address: 

Is the building of the Institute of Sociology of the Jagiellonian University adapted to the needs of people with disabilities? 

The accessibility of the building for people with disabilities is described on the website: 


Is the building of the Institute of Sociology of the Jagiellonian University adapted to the needs of parents with children? 

The elevator makes it possible to take a stroller to the first and second floors of Collegium Broscianum (where the halls of the Institute of Sociology are located). A changing table is located in the women's restroom on the second floor. In addition, a small play area for children has been set aside on the same floor.

Do we provide accommodation for those who come to Krakow to deliver a paper? 

We do not provide accommodation, however, those attending the event will have discounts to selected hotels and hostels. Their list will appear on our news channels. It will also be sent to those who qualify via email.